Newspaper Articles

Software Reviews

“A review of”  Washington Post (January 26, 2001), p. E12.

“Researching Your Searching” (a review of Search Engine Washington Post (January 5, 2001), p. E12.

“Well, Read” (a review of Washington Post (January 7, 2000), p. E11.

“Welcome & Speeders Beware” (a review of and Washington Post (June 17, 1999), p. C4. 

“Member of the Wedding, Sort of” (a review of Washington Post (May 27, 1999), p. C4.

“All the Fun, No Payola” (a review of Washington Post (May 27, 1999), p. C4.

“Roadside Attractions Galore” (a review of Washington Post (May 13, 1999), p. C4.

“Don’t Be a Wiseguy…” (A review of Washington Post (April 22, 1999), p. C4.

“Get Rich Click” (a review of scores of Internet investment sites) Washington Post (April 1, 1999), p. C4. 

“Dialing for…whatever” (a review of,, and Washington Post (March 25, 1999), p. C4.

“Self-Extinction” (a review of the Darwin Awards Washington Post (March 11, 1999), p. C4.

“Never Forget a Face?” (A review of The Daily Babe Test,; the Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Daily Test,; the Supermodel Home Page,; and its spoof the Supermodels Home Page The Washington Post (January 14, 1999), p. C4.

“Move Over, Energizer Bunny…” (A review of the Noted Nonagenarians and Centenarians home page) The Washington Post (January 7, 1999), p. C4.

“Can’t Even Hum a Few Bars?” (A review of Funny Guy’s Christmas Collection http://www.jps/net.funnyguy/holiday.htm) The Washington Post (December 24, 1998), p. E4

“Happy Holidays, Electronically!” (A review of The Washington Post (December 10, 1998), p. D4.

“The Real Dirt” (a review of The Museum of Dirt The Washington Post (October 22, 1998), p. B4.

“Buy Tom Hanks! Sell Madonna!” (a review of the Hollywood Stock Exchange The Washington Post (October 1, 1998), p. B4.

“Watch Where They Point the Lens” (a review of The Washington Post (September 24, 1998), p. B4.

“Rest in PC…” (A review of The Washington Post (September 17, 1998), p. D4.

“Deipnosophists, Unite!”  (a review of, the World Wide Words site) The Washington Post (September 10, 1998), p. B5

“For When You Feel Like a Nut” (a review of the Kooks Museum site, The Washington Post (September 3, 1998), p. B4.

“Something Strange Going On” (a review of–The Museum of Unnatural Mystery) The Washington Post (July 30, 1998), p. B4.

“Vroom for Every Taste” (a review of The Washington Post (July 23, 1998), p. B4.

“Wish You Were Here…” (A review of,,, and The Washington Post (April 2, 1998), p. B6.

“Didn’t You Used to be…” (A review of The Washington Post (February 12, 1998), p. E5.

“Just for Yucks” (a review of “The Yuckiest Site on the Internet” The Washington Post (July 31, 1997), p. B5.

“Paved with Voyeuristic Intentions” (a review of The Washington Post (June 12, 1997), p. B5.

“Ad Nauseam” The Washington Post (April 24, 1997), p. B5.

“Intelligence Test” The Washington Post (October 26, 1996), p. A21.

“Bucks to the Wind” Washington Post (February 5, 1994), p. A15.

“Revisionist History” Washington Post (November 22, 1993), p. A20.

“News That’s No Laughing Matter” Washington Post (February 13, 1993), p. A29.


“The Humor Contest: Twitter Winner” Washington Post Magazine October 14, 2012, p. 14 (Post announced that I won.)

“The Style Invitational, Week LVII, Ford photo” The Washington Post (March 25, 2001), p, F2.

“The Style Invitational, Week XLIX, Bad Pickup Lines” The Washington Post (January 28, 2001), p. F2.

“The Style Invitational, Week VI, Signs That a Presidential Candidate’s Campaign Might Be in Trouble” The Washington Post (April 2, 2000), p. F2.

“The Style Invitational, Week 1, Bubba” The Washington Post (February 13, 2000), p. F2.

Tied for 130th for Year 6 of the Style Invitational, and was 111th all-time.

“The Style Invitational, Week 316, Captions” The Washington Post (April 25, 1999), p. F2

“The Style Invitational, Week 272, Captions” The Washington Post (June 21, 1998), p. F2.  I was this week’s overall winner, receiving Playboy Club tankards as the prize.

“The Style Invitational, Week 242: Cheap Shots” The Washington Post (November 23, 1997), p. F2.  The posting made me #62 in the yearly rankings of the tens of thousands of contestants.

“The Style Invitational, Week 235: Fractured etymologies for common expressions” The Washington Post (October 5, 1997), p. F2.  Second runner-up.