Creativity Techniques for Writers

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I gave a presentation at the NY Story Expo in June about creativity techniques for writers. Check it out:

About this Expo:

Story Expo is the world’s biggest conference of writers and storytellers in all mediums, from film to television to publishing and all points in between. Attracting writers from around the world since 2013, Story Expo has become known for its jam-packed incomparable and intense schedule of speakers, talks, courses, workshops, star speakers, panels and exhibitors. Offering 60 to 80 world class sessions over a single weekend, Story Expo covers all aspects of story and writing – from craft to career. 

‚ÄčAt Story Expo, you’ll learn how and where your story is best told to achieve its greatest success both financially and creatively. You’ll take control of your stories by learning the craft, learning which medium your stories are best told in, understanding the business of storytelling, identifying and using the tools and resources available to you, understanding how to package and pitch your ideas and scripts, and using social media and other techniques to network and maintain a successful writing career.  Most importantly, you’ll network with your peers from around the world, forging new friendships, and establishing invaluable relationships and connections.

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