Terrorism books in Mensa Bulletin

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Caroline McCullagh wrote a brief overview of two of my terrorism chronology books in the July 2022 Mensa Bulletin:

Edward Mickolus, Ph.D., sent in two books this month:  Terrorist Events Worldwide 2019-2020 and Terrorist Events Worldwide 2021. These are books 19 and 20 in a continuing series.

Ed is retired after a 33-year career with the CIA. He was their first full-time analyst of international terrorism. But he points out in his introduction that these books are limited to publicly available information, so no CIA secrets.

Ed defines terrorism as the use of violence or threatened violence by any individual or group for political purposes. The 2021 book covers the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol as one of the 50 entries for the U.S.

The books also include summaries of the activities of key terrorist groups; a list of terrorist leaders surrendered, captured, or killed; and updates on events listed in previous years.

It’s sad to see how thick these books are, to see how many people and groups decide that it’s OK to hurt and kill others to get what they want, but if you need to do a deep dive into some aspect of terrorism, these books are a good starting point. Visit EdwaidMickolus.com.

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