I Still Matter: Finding Meaning in Your Life at Any Age

Mensa Bulletin’s Review of I Still Matter

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I Still Matter!: Finding Meaning in Your Life at Any Age compiled by Harlan Rector and Edward Mickolus is the third in a series of volumes of short essays.

The others are I Matter and I Matter Too! They’re all focused on the theme of influence, how others influence us for good, and how we influence others. 

      ”Whether it be divine inspiration or just watching someone who is worthy of admiration, our authors all touch on how they inspire and/or were inspired by others,” the editors write in their introduction. “Some get their direction from the Bible–some from distributing Bibles–or other religious texts, some from good works, some from the works of others.”

      The 43 essays by various authors are grouped into seven sections–The Age of Innocence: Childhood/Elementary School, The Age of Learning: High School/College, The Age of Responsibility: Adulthood, The Age of Action: Work/Career, The Age of Sharing; Family/Marriage/Children, the Age of Reflection: Retirement, and The Age Beyond Memories: After You’re Gone.

      I’ve enjoyed the previous two books, and this one is no exception. The nearest thing I can compare it to is sitting next to someone at a party or maybe on an airplane, and that person starts to tell you about something really interesting about their life. Even if you don’t read much nonfiction, I recommend these books to you.

Published in August 2022 issue of the Mensa Bulletin.

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