Book review: More inspiring essays for finding a meaningful life

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I Still Matter: Finding Meaning in Your Life at Any Age

By C.F. Foster for the Jacksonville Florida Times-Union USA TODAY NETWORK, January 23, 2022

“I Still Matter! Finding Meaning in Your Life at Any Age, Volume Three”

Compiled by Harlan Rector and Edward Mickolus

Cross & Partners II, 138 pages, $9.95 paperback

This is the third volume in local writers Edward Mickolus and Harlan Rector’s collection of essays from their neighbors and friends “that explores how people influence us for the good, and how we can make a difference in others’ lives.”

Volume one (“I Matter”), volume two (“I Matter Too!), and volume three (“I Still Matter!”), all follow the general theme “Finding Meaning in Your Life at Any Age.”

Written by 35 people “from all walks of life,” the essays in volume three “have coalesced around the theme of inspiration … “how (the writers) inspire and/or were inspired.”

It opens with a charming tale by former radio personality Mike O’Malley of passing off his lifelong alien friend and mentor Al to his great-grandson, and ends with a series of poems by Florida writer Sheila Weinstein about life and whether it was well-lived and made a difference.

The producers have also included a short biography of all the writers.

Keeping to the theme: This well-edited, thoughtful and entertaining collection will inspire you to keep flipping the pages.

C.F. Foster lives and writes in Riverside.

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